Seasonal Pitches & Caravan Storage

Do you have a touring caravan but don’t enjoy towing? Then why not think about keeping your caravan at Stowford through the whole season. If you and your family are able to come and stay a lot during the season then a Seasonal Pitch is a great choice – you can come and go as you please without having to check in or put your awning up each time. Or if you prefer you can leave your caravan with us in summer storage, and then just make your holiday bookings as usual – with the extra option of a Tow On/Off if you’d like your caravan towed onto your pitch for you.

During the winter season you can store your caravan at Stowford, and we also provide discounted caravan insurance through the Compass Insurance scheme for caravans that stay at Stowford all year. Please call us on 01271 882476 for information on any of our facilities.