Aerial Views of Stowford

Continuing with our 50 years celebration, here are a collection of aerial views taken of Stowford Farm Meadows over the years. The first aerial pictures show Stowford with just Field 1 and Field 2. If you look closely you can see that the pitches come right up to where Reception is now and where the telephone boxes are right outside the Holiday Shop! Notice there is no swimming pool, no seasonal pitches, no rally field; not even any roads or pitch markings! We would love to hear from anyone who can remember staying here in the late 1970’s, especially if you can share some photographs with us.

Further photographs show the first storage field and Field 4. Caravan storage now also resides in the meadow above Field 4. Still very little in the way of access roads and you can see that Gutter Close, Cow Field and Snow Close are all occupied by rallies. In it’s infancy, Stowford Caravan Sales was created in a small area which had been Field 1 seasonal pitches. Quickly needing more space, the caravan display crept down to incorporate the pitches infront of Reception. The last photographs show Bridge Park (Field 5), Stowford Country Lodges under development and a more recent aerial view of the Country Fair in 2011. It certainly doesn’t get much busier than that! Read more about Stowford Through the Years here.

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