Exmoor Ponies and New Pictures

To complement our recent refurbishment in Reception we have ordered some beautiful new pictures showing scenes from the local area and some wildlife including wild stags and Exmoor Ponies – when you are next at Stowford please come in and have a look. (We’ve also renovated our staff kitchen/lunch room and we might let you have a look if you’re lucky!)

Some of the pictures we have used are by local photographer Cliff Spittle – follow this link to our previous blog about Cliff and to see some of his photos.

BuddleaWe’ve also fallen in love with these pictures of Exmoor Ponies by Tricia Gibson – so we thought we’d tell you a bit about her: Tricia walks on Exmoor all year round and enjoys photographing many subjects upon the moor but her favourites are the free living Exmoor Ponies that live on the moor surrounding Dunkery Beacon. Over the last 5 years she has  documented their lives in images and reports back regularly to the herd owners, particularly in the spring and summer when foals are being born! In October 2013 she bought two foals who she had followed from birth, they are now well grown youngsters who still love having their photo taken! This is Buddlea with her cheeky grin – (above right)

As well as the ponies, she likes taking other wildlife photos: here is a small selection to show you. Also you can view pictures on her Flickr page here.


You may know that at the Horse Riding Centre at Stowford we have 3 Exmoor ponies – there is Paddy who is 6 years old, Apache who is 5, and Flora who is 3. Apache and Paddy are in work and you will see them being ridden in the Stables, they are still quite young and are getting used to being around people. Flora is too young to be ridden yet but we will slowly be bringing her into work.

They have enjoyed their winter off, but will be very excited to be brought back to the stables this Easter.

Here are some of our pictures of them at Stowford:

For more information on Exmoor ponies check out the Exmoor Pony Society’s website www.exmoorponysociety.org.uk

There are also regular photographic updates on the Exmoor Pony Festival page on facebook, with lots of images of foals growing up on the moor!

There will be events happening throughout August this year to promote the ponies including pony specific safaris with Daphne Brace and her fantastic Exmoor Barle Valley Wildlife Safaris,  the lucky landy always finds interesting sights!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these beautiful animals and can come and visit us soon!



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