Combe Martin - North Devon


Stowford Riding Centre have a number of well schooled horses and ponies available for riding lessons and trekking.



Hello my name is Apache. I was born in 2009 and arrived on the same day as paddy in 2011. I am an Exmoor pony. I am very good friends with Paddy as we both arrived on the same day so you will often see me stood with him in the field, I can be quite cheeky and try to start playful scraps by biting him on the hamstrings! One of my other favorite things to do is fall asleep in the sunshine.



I am a 15hh Chestnut Cob gelding. I was born in 2000 and arrived at Stowford in 2004. I used to be a bit cheeky when I first arrived but I have settled in very well now. My favourite thing to eat is carrots because they are a similar colour to me. I like making new friends and a way of me showing you this is if I lick you. If you hold your hand out flat under my mouth you may be lucky that I will give you a lick. Don’t try this on ponies that you don’t know though because they’re not all as friendly as me.



Hello my name is Flora. I am a rare breed known as an Exmoor Pony. I arrived just a few days after my other Exmoor friends, Apache and Paddy. I was born in 2010 and arrived at Stowford in 2011. I am not a riding pony although I do like to be fussed over and given lots of attention so do come up and see me.



I am a 13.1hh Brown Fell pony and was born in 2002. Like Cairo I came to Stowford in 2004 so I know this place very well now. I am a very good little pony and because of my size I only get used for children and lead rein rides. I can be quite lazy at times and you may notice that when I am in the sandpit I am lying down (even with my tack on!!). I can be a bit of a fidget in my stable so please don’t be offended if I don’t say hello.



Hello my name is Paddy and I am an Exmoor pony. I was born in 2007 and arrived at Stowford in 2011. I arrived on the same day as Apache so we have become very good friends, you can often see us close together in the field. I am the eldest of the Exmoor ponies here. I am a very relaxed and laid back pony although I do wake up when it comes to dinner time.



I am a 15.2hh Black Dales pony and was born in 1981. My breed, like Millie originates from the North of England. I used to be the escort pony and would always be front of ride to show the other ponies where to go but I am now fully retired and spending my days with my best friend Sunny who I share a stable with. You can also see us in the field together as we are pretty inseparable.



Hello my name is Sparky aka ‘Sir Fartsalot’. I am a New Forest Pony that was born in 1993. I arrived here at Stowford in 2012. One of my best friends is Apache the Exmoor Pony; you will quite often see us having a playful scrap in the field together. I am very friendly and like a lot of attention, sometimes I won’t even stand still until someone is grooming me and although I am white I love to have a good roll in the mud so I always need a good groom and in nice weather even a bath!



My full name is Sun Dance, but people call me Sunny. I am a 15hh Bay, Welsh Cob. I was born in 1986 and have been living at Stowford for many years. I am now fully retired and spend my days grazing in the field with my best buddy Ringo who I often share a stable with. If you come up to the stables make sure you come say hello to us if we are in.



Hello my name is Victor I was born in 2005 and I am a Welsh Section D. I arrived at Stowford in 2011. I am quite a laid back horse and if you come up to see me your probably notice that I have a very droopy bottom lip especially if I’m dozing off to sleep. I can be a bit of a wuss particularly if I have to take lead so I am more of a follower when it comes to going for a ride.



My name is Honey, I am a Fell pony. I arrived at Stowford in 2016 and I was born in 2009 making me one of the youngest horses here at Stowford. I am very laid back and enjoy plodding around the farm with riders. I can be a bit bolshie at times especially when in the stable so you might hear me kicking the door if you come to see me but please don’t think of me as rude, I’m just excited to come out and play.

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Stowford Farm Meadows, Berry Down
Combe Martin, North Devon. EX34 0PW
Sat Nav Co-ordinates:
+51°9’54” N, -4°3’36” W
OS Map Reference:
560425 (Map 180)

Leave the M5 at junction 27, then follow North Devon Link Road A362 to Barnstaple then A39 (for Lynton) through Barnstaple town centre. One mile from Barnstaple turn left onto B3230. Turn right at the garage, at Lynton Cross, onto the A3123. Stowford Farm Meadows is 1½ miles on the right, down its own private drive.