History of Stowford Reception

From day one, Stowford Reception was just part of the holiday shop, where you could book in and buy your newspaper at the same time. Bookings were kept in alphabetical order in a file box and Norman would walk round the meadows with his red shopping bag to collect money from those without bookings. With no electric hook-up and no defined pitches as there are today, people could pitch where they wanted. We can imagine the chaos that would create nowadays!

In 1990 Reception moved into the corner of the current building with the phone boxes located in the entrance. Some of you may remember the entrance always flooding. Hard-standing caravans were stored between the buildings and all along the entrance roads during the winter when the site was completely closed. In 1997 the whole area was upgraded to the current Reception and Offices, together with the Disabled and Private washroom facilities next door. The entrance and drive area outside the Reception building was also widened and tarmacked.

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