New Tree Planting

We have planted over 2600 trees and hedge plants in the last week, creating a new woodland, adding to an existing one and extending the hedgerows along our mile long lane. There are so many benefits to planting trees and hedgerows – with nectar-rich blossom in the spring, insects buzzing in the dense thickets in summer and red berries abound in autumn, hedgerows provide wildlife with a rich larder and shelter.

Mammals like the dormouse, bank vole, harvest mouse and hedgehog nest and feed in hedgerows, and bats use them as green ‘commuter routes’ for foraging and roosting. Hedgerows can also prevent soil erosion, capture pollutants such as fertilisers and pesticides running off fields, store carbon to help combat climate change, and provide homes for predators of many pest species. They also provide vital links across the countryside for wildlife, helping it to move about freely and keeping populations healthy.
Although costly, these trees and hedgerows will provide so much for the wildlife around us for lifetimes to come.

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