North Devon Biosphere

Say hello to The North Devon Biosphere! Already wondering what we are talking about? The North Devon Biosphere is a reserved area comprised of terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems and is designed to secure a better future by linking people and nature together.
Run by the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, internationally there are 668 reserves throughout 122 countries including the small Caribbean Islands all the way to the dusty desserts of Africa; as far as The North Devon Biosphere goes, it was one of the first 6 to be founded in the United Kingdom designed to demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature.

Map of the world

Map showing all the Biosphere’s in the world.

Where in North Devon?

Now we’ve got your attention it’s time to go through the facts, where exactly the biosphere is in North Devon? The area stems from the core of Braunton Burrows and the sand dunes stretching out to the catchments of the River Taw and Torridge.

The total area of the biosphere covers 1468 square miles of North Devon with roughly 150,000 people cohabiting in the stretch of land. This is where it might get complicated but stick with us, it’s worth it; the reserve is made up of three zones: The Core Area, The Buffer Zone and the Transition Area.

The Core Area, as stated before, is made up of Braunton Burrows and the surrounding area and the goal for the space is to turn it into an exemplary coastal habitat and be used as a study area for conservation.

The Buffer Zone mainly consists of the Taw and Torridge Estuary stretching as far as Bideford and Barnstaple. The vision for this area is for the natural and cultural resources to be carefully managed so communities can enjoy access to the natural environment and a cultural landscape maintained by local people.

The Transition Zone is formed by the catchment area of the rivers and streams that drain to the North Coast of Devon. This also stretches out to vast areas of the Bristol Channel including Lundy Island. The goal is for the area to be one where the community thrives through effective participation in developing sustainable lifestyles.

North Devon Biosphere

Red line is the border of the Biosphere

What We’re Doing To Contribute

At Stowford we’ve always been committed to the environment and are always on the lookout for ways to reduce out carbon footprint. There are many things that we do in order to bring our vision to life:

  • We have a biomass boiler that heats all the shower blocks.
  • Throughout the main site we aim to keep parts of it untouched in order to keep attracting wildlife and we are always planting for wildlife too.
  • We encourage our customers to keep their caravans in storage with us to reduce traffic and the impact it would have on the environment.
  • We have signed up and are a part of the ‘Refill Devon’ scheme where anyone can ask us to refill their water bottle for us helping us to reduce plastic bottle waste.

These are just some of the things we do to enable us to call ourselves a sustainable tourism business.

Are you doing anything to help preserve our natural and coastal habitats? If so then make sure to let us know by tagging us in your photos or using #stowfordfarmmeadows.

Saunton sands

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