Riding Lessons

Our Devon riding centre specialises in enjoyable, relaxing hacks across our countryside where you can experience some of Devon’s best wildlife. Our horses and ponies are happy to take out the experienced as well as the complete novice riders from four upwards.

We have four different types of rides ensuring you will get the best out of your visit to our riding centre.

Ride One: This ride is suitable for any experienced, capable rider who wishes to venture out of our purpose built track. It will take you across four of our open meadows approximately lasting 1 hour.

Ride Two: This ride is for the beginner riders or if you’re feeling a little nervous. This ride will take you out across 70 acres of our purpose built track. This is approximately one hour long. On the odd occasion we may ask a parent or guardian to accompany the ride on foot if their child is feeling nervous.

Ride Three: This ride is similar to ride two, being suitable for beginners and taking you across our purpose built track. This ride will last approximately 30 minutes.

Ride Four (paddock ride): This is ideal for any little ones wanting to go for a ride. This ride is slightly different to the other rides as the parent or guardian will lead the pony out onto our fields where they are free to have a little play around. This lasts for ten minutes. As the guardian or parent is leading the pony they are responsible for the child and ponies safety.


Ride One1 hour£20.00
Ride Two1 Hour£20.00
Ride Three1/2 Hour£15.00
Ride Four10 Minutes£10.00

Please note:

  • Regretfully there is an age limit to our rides restricting us to ages 4 and above.
  • All rides are assisted by an escort.
  • All ride times are approximate and may run longer or shorter then stated.
  • A rider is free to dismount if at any time they feel unsafe.
  • The management reserve the right to cancel, change or alter the rides as they see fit, due to safety reasons.