Terms and Conditions

Below is some general information about payment procedures and the dangers that are involved in horse riding.

  1. At Stowford our number one priority is safety, we will ensure all standards of the facilities and tack are safe for all our riders. However, riders must accept that horse riding is a risk taking sport, horses can be unpredictable and accidents can happen as a result. Riders must expect the unexpected from any horse they are matched with and to always be alert around horses.
  2. All riders and visitors must follow the instructions of the staff, especially in times of danger.
  3. We advise all persons participating in any equestrian activities to ensure that they have adequate personal accident insurance.
  4. We allocate horses to riders taking into account experience and suitability, however all riders retain the right not to ride the horse allocated to them.
  5. All riders must wear a riding hat approved to BSI standard and suitable footwear with a defined heel. (These are provided).
  6. All riders are asked not to wear jewellery of any description when riding or in the stable area.
  7. Payment for lessons must be paid for before the lesson commences. Payment is accepted by cash or cheque.
  8. All cancellations of lessons require the client to give 24 hours notice. If the lesson can be rescheduled no extra charge will be due. However, if the lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full lesson fee will be due.
  9. Stowford Riding Centres staff reserve the right to dismount a rider or ride, if he/she considers them to be unsafe and not adhering to instruction given.
  10. The staff also reserve the right to cancel a ride without giving prior notice if he/she feel the conditions are unsafe for horse and rider.