Pitch Maintenance

Caravan siteDuring the quieter months here at Stowford we have a chance to give our caravan and camping pitches some TLC: a lot of work and a little bit of science goes into keeping our pitches full of healthy lush green grass…
Every autumn we re-seed those pitches that are looking a bit bare, we go over every pitch with a ‘verti-drain’ – a machine that works as a pitch fork would, punching holes into the ground (about 5 inches deep) to improve water drainage – this helps the soil stay dryer in wet times and the grass find moisture in the dryer weather.
We then go over the whole site with a machine that loosens the top couple of inches of soil to break down the compaction of soil, further improving grass growth.

Preserving our Caravan and Camping pitches

You may have heard us use the term ‘Pitch Rest’ – this is our procedure for closing bookings on certain pitches to allow the grass to grow and to try and prevent bald/dry patches on our pitches. This is done on a rotational basis in the few weeks leading up to peak season when the grass is growing rapidly, although we do check our pitches throughout the season and ‘rest’ them when needed.

During the season we cut the grass every week and leave the grass clippings on the ground; as they decompose they release up to 30% of the required nutrients meaning we don’t need to use artificial fertilisers. We also try not to cut the grass too short because the longer the grass the longer the roots – the longer the roots the better the grass can withstand the weather. Wildlife also thrives in the longer grass.

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