Plastic Free Stowford

Plastic bottleThis year at Stowford we’ve made a big effort to cut down on single use plastics and to help raise awareness about the huge problem of plastic which ends up in the world’s oceans. Taking the lead from our fellow North Devon businesses (and hopefully inspiring others to do the same) we have made some big changes in the products we use and sell on site. Here are a few examples:

  • Our site brochure will now be sent out in a paper envelope rather than the polythene type used before.
  • In the bars we now only use bio-degradable straws and we have stopped selling plastic straws in the Farm Shop. 
  • We have stopped using polystyrene take-away boxes; now they are recyclable.
  • In the Farm Shop our free carrier bags are bio-degradable and we encourage the use of reusable cloth shopping bags.
  • The take away cups used for teas and coffees are the new bio-degradable type.
  • We also sell reusable bamboo cups in both the Farm shop and the Caravan Accessory shop.
  • We have signed up as a refilling station in the ‘ReFill Devon‘ scheme whereby anyone can refill their water bottle for free – helping to cut down on single-use plastic bottles.
  • We are supporters of ‘Plastic Free North Devon‘ and display their leaflets in reception (please call in and pick one up!) and also in our Holiday Cottages.

Collacott bridgeSome other environmental issues important to us at Stowford:

  • We are actively encouraging recycling on our site and have placed convenient recycling stations near each of our shower blocks, in addition to our main recycling centre opposite Crazy Golf.
  • Being a member of the ‘Green Tourism Business Scheme‘ means we can access resources and receive personalised information to help us keep up to date and make sure our environmental work is as successful as possible.
  • We are making efforts to cut down on the amount of paper we use by sending most of our information out by email (except for those people who don’t have an email address), re-using scrap paper for any notes and printing that doesn’t need to be on new paper, and printing our own headed paper (thus reducing waste by ensuring we only print what we need)
  • Our new Holiday Cottages are connected to our biomass heating system (Biomass is an advanced way of providing energy in a sustainable manner using locally sourced woodchip)
  • We are currently taking measures to dramatically reduce and control the numbers of laurel and rhododendron growing on the premises. These have the potential to kill off and prevent natural regeneration of our native species, eliminate ground flora and the associated wildlife. It is know for steams to become overgrown and shaded by rhododendron which severely affects the insects and fish numbers. Although clearing these invasive species is both difficult and expensive we take great pride in our rural and woodland management.

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