Caravan Storage in North Devon

Why not leave your caravan with us?

If you are looking for secure caravan storage in North Devon then Stowford’s  award winning facilities are first class so why not give us a ring and see if we can help. We may also be able to solve your motorhome storage or boat storage problems too.

Caravans must be insured, kept clean and tidy and must be well maintained (serviced once a year either by yourself or by us).

The benefits of leaving your caravan with us on Summer Storage are obvious: you are free to enjoy the beauty of North Devon and the facilities of Stowford Farm Meadows without the worry or hassle of towing your caravan on each visit, not to mention the extra time and petrol wasted with towing. And as we have the CASSOA Gold Award for Caravan Storage you can rest assured that your caravan is in safe hands. 

Come and go whenever you choose and use the site as much as you, your family or relations would like. Whilst not in use your caravan is parked in the storage facility. You make your site booking through Reception in the normal way and the caravan can be brought out and put onto a pitch when you wish to use it. You pay the site fees relevant to the time of your stay as per the normal site tariff.

Tow On/Off

If required we will tow your caravan onto a pitch for you, ready for when you arrive.

2019 Towing fee:

Low/Mid Season: £6.00 each way
Peak Season: £8.00 each way (£9.00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
If you wish to use your caravan in the Peak Season or on Bank Holidays a booking is essential.

For more information please call 01271 882476

15th March to 14th November£295.00
Temporary Storage (per week, conditions apply)£20.00
WINTER STORAGE (15th November 2019 to 31st March 2020
Accessible Hardstanding£260.00
* All caravans in Summer Storage must be used on site for a minimum of 14 nights between Easter and 14th November. Any caravan in Summer Storage that has not been used between these dates will incur a £5.00 lack of use surcharge for each night not used.