Springtime at Stowford

It’s getting closer to the summer season at Stowford, and after the terrible winter we’ve had it’s feeling much more like spring here. The birds are singing, the wild flowers are out and we’re finally seeing a bit of sunshine. In Petorama we have a pregnant goat who is due any day now, and lots of Easter bunnies and chicks waiting to meet their adoring fans in a few weeks! And our neighbouring farm www.churchfarmdairy.com (who supply clotted cream to our shop) are keeping 40 young pheasants in our woods, ready for the next shooting season.

It’s great to see our staff members returning to the site again after their winter away and getting set up in their caravans -brrrr! And it won’t be long before the towing crew start getting the seasonal caravans out onto their pitches, from some of our recentĀ Facebook postsĀ it seems that everyone is just as excited as us!

It’s been a busy couple of months in the Stowford swimming pool, due to the temporary closure of Ilfracombe Swimming Pool after a water leak. While this important community resource is being repaired we’ve stepped in to keep swimming clubs going, read more here

And work is continuing on the amenity block in Field 4, the weather has been against us but we’re working hard to get this facility ready as soon as possible, we’ll put more news up about this project soon.

We’re also looking forward to our opening weekend (Friday 28th March) when we’ll be serving food and drinks in the caravan sales area on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. Hope you can come along and have a browse at this year’s caravans, motorhomes and campervans.

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