Stowford Swimming Pool

Stowford’s swimming pool has been a busy place recently! Wintertime is usually a quiet time with the pool only open for a limited time in the mornings and for our after school clubs. However, on the 24th January Ilfracombe Swimming Pool drained all of its water due to corroded pipework and it soon became apparent that repairs would take some time to complete. With no date scheduled for re-opening of this facility, users were left in a bit of a predicament and Stowford was soon inundated with requests for help from local primary schools and swimming clubs.

So Stowford to the rescue! We have tried our best to accommodate as many schools and clubs as possible even though this has meant a lot of extra work for our pool staff who were supposed to be enjoying the winter off! They have done a fabulous job in keeping the pool in tip top condition despite having more swimmers than in the summer. Praise has come in from the various clubs, even a mention in the North Devon Journal so a big thank you for all the kind words; we were happy to help!

Our summer season begins on Friday 28th March where the pool opening times will return to normal, click here for more details. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Swimming Pool Stowford

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