Stowford’s Sustainable Heat Centre

Last year we had a look at our energy use and how we could reduce our carbon emissions. As a large park we realised that we could make a big impact on the environment if we switched to using renewable energy for our hot water and heating usage. So after months of investigation and weighing up the options on what was best we decided on woodchip biomass boilers.

The boilers will run using wood as fuel; wood is a naturally sustainable fuel source as it can be constantly replaced, as opposed to the oil that was previously being used.

Over the winter we installed two boilers that burn woodchip to heat hot water, we had to dig trenches and lay pipes connecting the new boilers to all the buildings on the site, and we have also removed our electric heaters and installed radiators that will work off the biomass system.

We also built new lobbies on the toilet blocks in Barn Park, Broad Meadow & Bridge Park to reduce the amount of heat loss through the doors. The toilet blocks in Bulls Field and Great Western Park will have lobbies built on them over this coming winter.


The biomass boilers are now up and running and will supply 100% of the heat and hot water to toilet blocks in Barn Park, Broad Meadow & Bridge Park, the toilet blocks in Bulls Field and Great Western Park will be connected by Easter 2014

The caravan sales department switched over to biomass yesterday.

The bars, restaurant, swimming pool, farmhouse and offices will be connected in September

By the end of 2014 we would have reduced our use of oil and LPG by up to 99.5% (the only thing using oil will be the oven in the farm house!)

In Reception we have a new noticeboard with photos and information about this project, please come in and have a look.

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