Then and Now

Whilst delving through all our old photographs of Stowford Farm Meadows, we thought it would be a good idea to try and reproduce some of the images taken. So we have compiled a variety of ‘then and now’ pictures for you to enjoy. Reproducing some of these shots were a bigger challenge than we anticipated with areas of the site having changed beyond recognition. Of course Winston soon put us on the right track!

These photographs show the differences in the Farm Shop and the Old Stables Bar. The Farm Shop was franchised for a period of about 10 years from the early 1990’s. It came back under Stowford management with the arrival of Julie Smallridge who many of you will still recognise as a familiar face.

These pictures are taken from the gateway into Field 3 from just by the Front Meadow Premier Pitches and what a difference in the amenity blocks! Although it is worth bearing in mind that in 1979 the newly built amenity blocks were considered to be state of the art!

And below are a couple of different views of Field 2. The landscaping and planting schemes that Stowford has undertaken over the years has turned our touring caravan and camping meadows into a wonderful place to stay.

The first two photographs show the view from Bull’s Lane through into Snow Close which was a Rally Field for a number of years before becoming home to Snow Close Seasonals. Field 5 is almost unrecognisable now the trees have grown and our 2015 version proved extremely difficult to get!

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